We’re Not Crazy…

If someone tells you they’re not crazy… chances are they ARE… You could call us crazy or perhaps even brave. You could even venture to call us slightly masochistic as we embark on an adventure of a lifetime travelling through parts of Southeast Asia with our two youngest daughters. Perhaps it’s important, for those readers who don’t know us, for me to clarify that despite being our younger two, the girls are 21 and 14 respectively – essentially one firmly in her teens and the other barely out of them! Hence the thought that to travel in close quarters for 3 months maybe considered crazy! And though we love them deeply it will be interesting to see whether it will be the country or the girls that present the most challenges!

The plan to take this trip began over 18 years ago, on the very first holiday that Tony and I took together. We were sitting on the porch of #9 at Rosie’s Place, just outside of Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island (which, incidentally is where we got married a couple of years later). We were sharing travel stories from adventures we had both taken over the years and as the conversation and tales wound back to us we agreed that it would be amazing to take an extended trip together, complete with backpacks and children. Of course, at the time, we didn’t know the trip would happen over 18 years later and that one of the children coming would not be one of three we had, but one that wasn’t even born!

Despite our day-to-day, ridiculously busy lives getting in the way of our grandiose plan, we never truly let go of the hope that we’d travel far and wide, with backpacks and children. After the sorrow and loss of 2015, we agreed it was now or never and if there was any lesson, or anything good that could come from our grief, it had to be not putting off what you really want to do.

And so with the support and help from family, friends and co-workers we are on our way, on the trip of a lifetime!


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