The Big Travel Day In Which We lose a Whole Day!

imageIt’s a long day that begins at 6:00 am Ottawa time, on Saturday January 28th and ends at 1:00 am Bangkok time, on Monday January 30th. Despite time and length I was both surprised and pleased how smooth and easy the travel was. With hearts full of hope (that they wouldn’t get lost!) we said goodbye to our backpacks in Ottawa, climbed on the plane to Washington D.C. and then with a quick connection boarded our flight to Tokyo’s Narito Airport. This would be our longest jaunt with a 14 hour flight and a 14 hour time difference that suddenly had us catapulted from 2pm on Saturday to 6pm on Sunday! But again, I was both surprised and pleased that the flight wasn’t as painfully endless as I’d anticipated but rather, other than a sore tail bone half-way through the flight, it was all quite tolerable.

Our longest stop-over of the day was an hour and a half in Narito, where we took full advantage of our surroundings by having sushi. It was nice to stretch our legs before boarding our final flight for the remaining 6 hours to Bangkok. Mind you the final leg brought sleep and a very interesting in-flight meal of noodles and seafood and odd shaped vegetables! Oh and we got back two of our hours that we had previously lost!

On arriing in Bangkok we sailed through immigration and there, quite miraculously (or so I thought) were our 4 backpacks merrily going around the baggage carousel.

Even at 1 am the Bangkok Airport was a crazy beehive of activity but thanks to an ingenious system of “take a ticket” and go to the taxi bay with the number on it, we were able to get a cab fairly quickly and about 30 minutes later we arrived at the Bossotel Hotel, where after, roughly 25 hours of travel (without the time difference) we would spend our first night on Thai soil.


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