Lesson of the Day – Crossing the road in Bangkok!

On our first morning in Bangkok we quickly discover that crossing the road is not only overwhelming and terrifying but it’s the closest you’ll come to an extreme sport without willingly being a participant in one!

As taxis, tuk-tuks, scooters and buses whizz by, at an alarming pace, one’s adrenaline begins to pump, one’s heart begins to race and you feel sure you are taking your life into your own hands everytime you do it.

The incessant rush of traffic alone can force one into believing that it’s okay to walk only on one side of the street – after all the sidewalks are jam-packed with stalls, shops, vendors and life so there probably is enough to see on one side without bothering to go on the other!

But, in case you want to be adventurous, don’t be fooled by the traffic lights, and don’t ¬†be lulled into a sense of security as if they are going to help, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason or right of way for that matter, as just when you think the lights have changed in your favour and you can cross, a rush of traffic storms by.

Thus the lesson learned today only cross the road when a Thai person does and when they do, stick close and move quickly!

sun rises and heat haze

warms the street

traffic never stops


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