Finding a New Running Route


We arrive on Ko Samet, an Island about 3 hours South of Bangkok, and of course I’m scouting from the moment our feet touch land – scouting for a new running path that is. The narrow road that serves for two-way traffic doesn’t feel like a safe option but on this Island, that does not have a straight stretch of beach, it appears to be the only option.

The test comes the following morning when it’s time for my run. I start on the road but, even for an Island, it’s busy from the break of day with motorcycles and taxis, besides there are so mapotholes and divets that the workout becomes a high-risk activity.

Without much choice, and not willing to give up, I head to the beach with the expectation that I’ll be running for a few hundred meters, or so, before needing to scramble over rocks etc. but much to my surprise and delight at the end of each ‘section’ of the beach there were narrow, well-worn paths leading up through the trees and rocks, which wrapped around the coastline, connecting to the next beach.

After the first bend there was no stopping me and I was running like a maniac, jumping over banyan tree roots, running up hilly paths, bowing my head at spirit houses and catching incredible views of the ocean as I reached the peak of each rocky outpost.

It only took me until the last bend to remember that I had read in the Lonely Planet Guide that getting around on Ko Samet is called cove-hopping rather than beach-hopping. Made me smile to think I was cove-running rather than beach-running!

golden rock

a craggy outpost –

around each corner hidden beauty



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