Lesson of the Day – Don’t Leave Your Running Shoes on the Front Porch!

So after our long day of touring Ko Samui, our long, hot day of touring Ko Samui, we left our running shoes out on the front porch to air. It seemed like such a sensible, innocent gesture. And not only that we were being extremely respectful toward one another by not stinking out our little bungalow.

Seemed like a great plan! And it was, except we left Tiah’s shoes out all night, and the next morning when it came time to pack and move on she was missing one.

We looked everywhere. Had one of us taken it in with the rest? Had it fallen off the deck? Was it trapped between the stairs? No, no and no. It was nowhere to be found.

Of course we joked that it might have been stolen but the joke wasn’t far from the truth. Having given up the search I had put on my own running shoes to go for a run.

I hadn’t gone far down the path when I stumbled over something black and a little bit mangled. I knew immediately that it was Tiah’s shoe. I turned it over and the lace was gone, the insole all chewed up and half the heel was ripped. Didn’t take a genius to figure out what had happened. One of the dogs, a hungry dog, roaming around (there were lots of dogs roaming around in Taling Ngam) had obviously smelt something tasty and taken it for a little snack!

The lesson I learned today – never leave your running shoes out on a front porch!

black thread

ripped into fray’s

dog’s dinner


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