Finding a Favourite Italian Restaurant in every Port

I don’t know what it is about our family, perhaps we have some Italian roots we don’t yet know about, but wherever we go, and wherever we travel we find ourselves falling in love with an Italian Restaurant and its fine cuisine. Of course anyone who knows me, knows that pasta is not my favourite, though I do love a great sauce and a perfectly cooked calamari dish! Anyway my point is we don’t go out of our way to find Italian eateries – it just seems to happen.

Some of our favourites over the years have included La Roma in Ottawa, Grazies in Toronto, a little place on Caye Caulker, Belize (I forget the name) and of course our latest La Famiglia in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. All of these places have amazing food in common! And now we have a new place to add to the roster – La Coppola.

La Coppola is a hidden gem in the quiet, under-developed area of Taling Ngam, on the South-west corner of Ko Samui. Owned by Sicilian-born, Angelo, the restaurant sits right on the beach, offering a stunning view of the bay and the fishing boats – it is the spot where the rest of Ko Samui comes to see the sunset!

The restaurant boasts two menus, not usually a good sign because in my opinion if you do too many things you usually don’t do any of them well. La Coppola proved that theory wrong.

One of their menus is for Thai food and the usual ‘Western’ options, the other offers Italian cuisine of the highest quality. Delicious, perfectly baked garlic bread, salads – made with fine meats and cheeses and of course an array of delicious pasta dishes – oops, almost forgot the pizzas baked in the wood burning oven, which is actually a separate little kitchen set off to the side where the chefs make the pizza dough, roll it, and toss it in true-Italian style to be made into mouth-watering pizzas that would please most palettes. Warning – these are not Thai pizzas, these are real bonafide Italian-style pies!

We learn that the meats and cheeses are specifically brought over from Europe and that the breads are baked fresh daily. Of  course we order Italian that night, and the next! And we laugh that once again we travel somewhere new in the world to find yet another amazing Italian restaurant.

Not only was the food wonderful but the manager/waitress that served us each night, Kitty, was so sweet and funny and really added to the enjoyment of each meal. Oh and did I mention the complimentary Limoncellos that rounded out our evenings? Cheers!


lemon liquor

cool on a hot evening


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