You Need It, You Want It, You Can Get It – Just Sayin’

So we’re in the local variety store at Taling Ngam on Ko Samui and close to the cash register there are rows and rows of pill packets, and we realize you can get anything here!

I still remember that panicky feeling before we left Canada, wondering if we’d packed everything, wondering what we’d forgotten – what a waste of time that worry was! Honestly you can come here, even to a fairly remote spot, without anything, and you can certainly make do with what you can buy at the store.

We laugh at the discovery of packs and packs of birth control pills, all neatly folded and joined together. You see even if you forget your pill – don’t worry you can buy them here. Even if you forget your perscription, don’t worry you don’t need it. Only caution is – you need to know what you need and you need to know what’s in the packets – Just Sayin’

rows of tiny pills

lined in packets

you need it, they got it


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