Fourteen Days In – 52 Things I’m Loving…

…so we’ve been away for a fortnight and here’s 52 things I’m loving so far – in no particular order

1. The aqua-blue ocean

2.The sunshine and heat

3. The Thai people – so friendly

4. Green curry with coconut milk and prawns – no spicy!

5. Taking our shoes off every time we go in to a shop or restaurant

6. Ko Samet

7. Tony and I making plans with the girls

8. Being in the moment

9. Coffee by the beach

10. Glorious sunrises

11. Gorgeous sunsets

12. Photographic opportunities galore

13. Boats – climbing over the bow of several boats to get to the one we’re supposed to be travelling on

14. The vista of the blue ocean and behind the deep green of jungle creeping up hills with small thatched bungalows popping out

15. Ko Samui

16. Experiencing the adventure with our daughters (wishing it was all four of them)

17. Travelling with backpacks as a family

18. Learning what works

19. Sunset yoga in the shallows of the ocean

20. Discovering something new at every turn

21. Time to think

22. Time to reflect

23. The night market in Lamai

24. Street food in Lamai – especially the grilled squid

25. Cove-running in Ko Samet

26. The tuk-tuk ride in Bangkok – the driver was so sweet and friendly

27. The tour of Ko Samui and all the amazing sights

28. Fun dinners

29. The adventure of travel – not totally knowing where we’re going but landing on our feet in some pretty cool spots

30. Feeling young and carefree

31. Feeling grateful for this time

32. Snorkelling with Tiah, off the beach,  on Ko Samet – very unexpected and beautiful

33. Hiking with Abzy on Ko Tao

34. The time to really think about what I love

35. Travelling on so many different modes of transportation

36. The beauty of the long-tail boats

37. The beauty of the spirit houses

38.The endless possibilities

39. Watching the monks at sunrise on Ko Samet

40. People watching in Bangkok as the city woke up on a Monday morning and the children were arriving at school on scooters and tuk-tuks. My favourite was the young boy (couldn’t have been more than 8) hopping off the taxi-scooter, without a helmet, and then paying the driver

41. The simplicity

42. The dreamy pace

43.  Amazing hill runs offering spectacular views as a reward

44. Clover leaves! (yes I have seen them)

45. A bungalow in the jungle

46. A bungalow on the beach

47. Sunset on the beach after a really lazy afternoon

48. A late afternoon cocktail of vodka and lemon/lime schweppes

49. Reading a good book

50. Views, views, views

51. Time, time, time

52. Taking chances

sky pinkens

sky deepens –

everything in between


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