Playing Hookey at Mango Bay, Ko Tao, Thailand

We’d been on Ko Tao for a few days when we decided to take a snorkel trip on a different part of the Island. Unfortunately Tony woke that morning not feeling great but we’d been planning the trip for a day or so and not wanting to hold the girls and I back, and, I’m sure, wanting a little peace and quiet to himself, Tony insisted we carry on without him.

In some ways we randomly chose where we’d go because we wanted to save the number one spot, Koh Nang Yuan, for when Tony felt better and we could all go together. But truthfully we couldn’t have mis-chosen anyway – wherever we went would have been amazing, after all Ko Tao is known for its snorkelling and diving. No matter where we went on the Island it was bound to involve lots of fish.

In the end we chose Mango Bay because it was on the other side of the Island and it’s a popular dive site for beginners, meaning there would be lots of coral and reef life in shallow waters. Other bonuses included a small beach and the adventure would involve the need to take a long-tail water taxi making it a fun afternoon out.

Mango Bay certainly did not disappoint. The moment we hopped out of the boat, into the water, Sergeant Majors darted between our feet and within two more steps we were swimming above the coral.

It was truly beautiful as we were treated to an array of different fish; everything from parrot fish, snapper, squirrel fish, angel fish, tuna and all kinds of plant life. The neatest part of the experience was feeling like we were swimming with the fish, which is usually reserved for divers.

At one point a school of barracuda were feeding off the coral and we swam right into them. I thought about the word ‘school’ and thought of ‘the school’ made me think about ‘school’ and how funny that the three of us were swimming with a ‘school’ while playing hookey from ‘school’. After all it was just a regular school day in February.

sunlight warming

aquamarine waters

life under the sea


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