Helpful Hints – Part 1

We’ve now been away for exactly 4 weeks and we’ve learned a thing or two. Thought I’d share a couple of things as a kind of ‘Top Ten Helpful Hints So Far’. Here goes:-

1. While you are still at home – pack, unpack, take things out, repack, unpack, take things out – do not pack anywhere near as much as you think you’ll need or want – you won’t need or want it!

2. Travel with bounce sheets between your clothes and stuffed in your shoes – keeps them fresh-smelling

3. If you want your room cleaned hand your key in at the front desk before noon otherwise it won’t get cleaned

4. Keep a stash of toilet paper – you’ll never know when you need it

5. If you’re travelling on a ferry, which you will to get to the Islands, if there is nowhere to sit grab one of the plastic blue stools and put it anywhere – that’s your seat

6. Don’t put anything breakable or delicate in your main backpack as it gets thrown here, there, and everywhere like a sack of potatoes

7.  A mini-flashlight is your friend. Not only can the power go out at any time, but the pathways are not that well-lit at night

8. Bring a coffee cup/take-out mug with a lid from home. Keeps the bugs out of your drink and can be used as bowl or shaving mug in a pinch

9. Watch the sunset every night – it’s always different and it’s always spectacular

10. Embrace, enjoy, experience and go with the flow

every day

new experience awaits –




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