Postcards and Postboxes – Just Sayin’

Before we left home I had such good intentions of sending postcards from every Island we stopped on. My intentions haven’t waned so much as they have stuttered and now the idea of mailing overseas only hits me in fits and spurts. I’ll tell you why.

On Ko Samet I bought a fistful of cards and spent an afternoon happily filling them with tales. It was sooooooooooo easy, even bought the stamps right then and there. The helpful saleslady told me the postbox was down by the pier so I’d held onto the cards until we were leaving a couple of days later.

Without even thinking I popped the postcards in the postbox – waved them goodbye and about 8 hours later remembered that I’d forgotten to put addresses on them! My first postcard failing.

On Ko Samui I forgot all about looking for postcards.

On Ko Tao I bought a stack hoping to remedy my faux-pas from earlier. Wrote them all, took two days to find a spot that carried stamps. Bought the stamps that turned out to be sooooooooooooo big that they covered half the writing. Was told that the postbox was at the pier but the morning we left the Island it was insane and we couldn’t get anywhere near the roadside of the pier let alone have a chance to look for a postbox.

On Railay Beach I carried my stack of written, addressed, stamped postcards everywhere – never saw a postbox! Bought more cards, no stamps, didn’t write them, added them to the pile.

And now on Ko Lanta I have seen one postbox flapping off its hinges another discretely tucked away and padlocked in a quiet roadside restaurant and I’m thinking maybe I’ll wait until the mainland to post.

All this having been said I have got postcards, but you might need to wait til I get back to get them – Just Sayin’

bright smiles

scribbled in thin lines

postcard news


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