Photo of the Day – Lagoon, Railay Beach, Krabi Province, Thailand

This was the craziest hike/climb, I don’t even know what to call it, I have ever done. We had read that it was ‘strenuous’ but I’m not sure strenuous was anywhere close to the right adjective. It was NUTS – simply crazy! Tony had opted not to come because of the heights and climbing (he suffers from vertigo) so it was just the girls and I. In parts the path was a sheer climb up dried clay. Thank goodness there was a rope in place to help. In others it was a case of climbing from jagged foothold to craggy rock and then there was the mud and the makeshift bamboo ladders lashed rather haphazardly to the hillsides. This was definitely the hardest hike I have ever done but once we started a crazy feeling that we couldn’t give up took hold. Arriving at the lagoon was one thing, getting back was another! Certainly felt like I could do anything once we arrived back at our starting point.

clamouring up clay

sliding down mud

secret lagoon


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