Koh Lanta – Lazy and Laid Back

Koh Lanta was the perfect Island for us to land on after Railay Beach. After four adventure, fun-filled days we were looking forward to a little R & R; what we hadn’t realized was how much Koh Lanta was at the opposite end of the pendulum!

We arrived mid-afternoon to a completely power-less Island – we never did find out why, but we were greeted with, “no power ’til 5”. At first it was easy to pass the quiet and slow pace off as a product of the power outage, but as we were quick to learn it had nothing to do with it at all! – Koh Lanta, by nature, is slow and lazy.

Of course temperatures soaring past the high 30s, and bubbling at what feels like the low 40s, had a lot to do it with it. It didn’t take long for us to go from holiday-snail-pace to an absolute crawl.

We soon fell into routines – if you can really call them routines – up a little later each day, leisurely coffee and writing time (usually lasting about four hours), a little scorching beach time with a book (usually lasting ten minutes, as one had the feeling one had been popped in the oven under broil), hours floating around the rock pools, a late afternoon writing session for Tony and I, a run just before sunset and then a late dinner – perfect – rinse and repeat for 6 glorious days. Didn’t take long to feel very loose-limbed and productively lazy.

There was so much about life on Lanta that I loved but the thing that fascinated me the most was the tide. I think it was the only thing on the Island that was moving at any pace.

I have an incredible memory of one afternoon when Tony and I were just sitting in the ocean, bobbing away in the warm shallows – the water was probably at our waist and it was glorious. We sat there chatting away, for, I don’t know how long, but by the time we were ready to walk back up the beach the tide had gone so far out that we were sitting in ripples, surrounded by rock pools. It was something I’d never experienced before and wondered if I would again (other than the next day with Abigayle!!) – Great memories, thank you, Koh Lanta 🙂

scorching sand

warm waters

feeling loose-limbed and lazy


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