One Night in Krabi Town – Unexpected and Fun

By now, if you’ve been following along, you’ll know that we made an unexpected detour to Krabi Town to renew our travel visas, if you haven’t been following along and you’re just picking up the thread you’ll now know that we made an unexpected detour to Krabi Town to renew our travel visas!

Our one night (and day) in Krabi ended up being surprisingly wonderful and memorable. Once we’d finished our business at the immigration office and we’d safely made it to the center of the town – on our incredible tuk-tuk machine – I still can’t believe that we fit in with our bags, and that the tuk-tuk could still move with all the weight. We were just so lucky that the torrential rain didn’t come until we arrived, because when it did, it absolutely poured.

It wasn’t until we found ourselves in Krabi that we had even thought to go, and it was Abigayle who suggested going to, the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua). Once the suggestion was made we were pretty excited – sort of saw it as a nice off-shoot for needing to be there – may as well do something fun kind of thing. Anyway our hopes were somewhat dashed when the rains came down. We ended up having a long, leisurely lunch hoping that the weather would change as quickly as it had in the first place, but it didn’t quite happen that way and we watched the clock tick on. By 3 pm we decided why not? when would we ever be here again? and that was that, we headed out in the rain knowing from the onset that we’d get soaked.

I’m not sure if it was the weather, or that it was later in the afternoon but when we arrived at the site it was so quiet and empty of visitors. It was quite the treat to feel that we had the place almost to ourselves. The site itself is beautiful with the temple spires and tiger statues and then there are the steps.

One thing we have learnt from all our latest adventures is that if there’s a hill the climb will be steep and this was no exception. The steps carved into the hillside were steep and spaced quite far apart – honestly there could have been an extra 700 or so steps in there (shorten the step up a bit) but 2000 would have been a bit daunting!

Naturally the first 100 steps or so were quite straight forward but I’m not sure whether it’s mental, it’s the gentle increase in altitude, the drizzle, the … but it wasn’t long before we started breathing quite heavily and it wasn’t long after that, that we started playing mind games – let’s just walk to the next curve, let’s stop at every 100 steps, let’s stop at every 50!

About one-quarter of the way up we hit a new obstacle on the narrow steps – monkeys – and lots of them! They are really cute especially the little babies clinging to the underside of their mummy’s belly, as they bounce along, but they are also very intimidating and unpredictable. Made for an interesting 30 steps or so as we wove past them trying not to draw attention.

As we reached the summit the rain turned to drizzle and a fine mist settled in the air. I have no doubt that the view from the top of Wat Tham Sua is stunning on a clear day but the muted colour and the mantle of mist added a different beauty that felt rare and special, and added an element that I think we were so lucky to experience. It was so captivating that we spent way more time at the summit than I think we would have on a sunny day.

The climb down was an experience in itself. The mist had thickened into fog and it truly felt like we were walking in the clouds. The girls were giddy – probably altitude sickness!! and we were singing while jumping down the steps. Tiah was particularly fascinated by the strain the climb had put on her muscles and how her legs were shaking uncontrollably like jelly. Abigayle was more fascinated by the brightly coloured ponchos that the few people we did meet were wearing, and as soon as we arrived back at the entrance she treated us each to our own. Of course this led to a whole new fashion shoot and I’m sure if the Temple hadn’t already closed she would have wanted to walk back up all 1237 steps to take photos up top with our new ponchos!

It was quite late by the time we got back to the hotel but it had been a wonderful time. The greatest thing about getting back was the amazingly hot and long bath I was able to take – it was a great treat to be in a hotel and really get clean!

By the time we were ready to go out for dinner the rain had stopped and it was a beautiful evening. After an enjoyable snoop around we happened upon a fantastic Indian restaurant and rounded our day out with, what I think has been, our best meal to date.

Next day we were up and out, ready to move on to Koh Phi Phi, feeling thrilled about our unexpected day in Krabi.

torrential rain
in a strange town
finding unexpected memories


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