Photo of the Day – Viewpoint on Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

I’m sure you have all clicked in by now that one of our favourite things to do on each new Island is to ‘scale’ up to the highest accesible point for photographs of the view. Climbing upto Phi Phi’s viewpoint was our first adventure on the Island and it brought with it a surprise show.

The climb/walk was descibed as strenuous but we soon learnt that it was nothing like the hikes we’d previously done and despite the heat it was quite a lovely, gentle walk.

It was much busier at the point than we were used to, but evryone there was so friendly and courteous taking turns for their photo op – no rushing. It was all very civilized.

As the girls and I were waiting for a turn a couple of guys ahead of us were chatting intensely about the camera angles they wanted to capture and what would look best and from which side. It all sounded a bit intricate (from my eavesdropping vantage) but we had no idea how much so until they stepped up to the ledge.

Turns out the guys were acro-yogis and had planned a full on routine for their viewpoint snap shot. They had set up one of their cameras on a tripod, asked a willing stand-by to take shots with another, and then the rest of us stood in awe (and slight terror) as they began to do, what I think, were death-defying tricks on the small platform-like ledge overlooking Koh Phi Phi Don and its environs.

Unbelievably impressive as they balanced against each others’ body strength and transitioned into crazy poses. With a grand finale flourish it left the rest of us wondering what kind of pose we should do for our obligatory selfie!

on a hill top
breath-taking beauty
man and nature


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