7/11 ‘Squishy’ Sandwiches – Best Deal in Town

When we arrived on Koh Tao one of the things we couldn’t help notice was the amount of people carrying around little square-shaped, cardboard folder-type things, that looked like they had a sandwich in them. We had no idea what they were or where they come from but literally everyone had them. Divers had them in the morning for breakfast, beach-goers on the beach for lunch and party-goers before and after partying!

We talked about the mysterious little boxes – what were they? what was in them? but we never actually asked anyone and then on Koh Lanta we happened to discover for ourselves that they are small grilled sandwiches sold at 7/11.

It’s pretty cool actually because you buy the sandwich in a packet. There are a couple of different flavours but the most popular is ham and cheese. To be honest it doesn’t look very appetizing when it comes out of the packet but the 7/11 cashier asks if you want it warm and you say yes, so they put it in a panini-maker and it ‘squishes’ it, and it becomes warm and tasty, according to my family, who have now become quite fond of them! There’s a tuna and salmon one, which I always get.

It was easy to see why they’re so popular – quick, easy and as my friend Miss Elizabeth would say, “cheap like borscht!” – 25 Baht, which is less than a dollar.

small square
toasted golden –
tasty snack


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