Travelling – A Great Time to Take up Running – Just Sayin’

Whenever we arrive at a new destination it has become second nature to sus out a running route. Sometimes, like when we were in Bangkok that means heading to the treadmill (I may be hardcore but even I wouldn’t lace up and run the streets of Bangkok!) And then there are other times like Railay and Lanta where the beach stretches out, beckoning for you to run around the next corner just to see what’s there.

I can’t even begin to calculate how many miles I have chalked up discovering new places – well I could, but I’m not that good at math and it would take too long, but that’s one of the great off-shoots of running – you cover a lot of distance and see a lot of cool stuff.

While we were on Railay I remember thinking if I wasn’t a runner this would be one place that could persuade me to lace up a pair of shoes and start. The scenery was so spectacular and around each bend was a new surprise.

On Koh Phi Phi I had that same feeling. I had gotten into the habit of running in the evening, after the day had cooled, and on Phi Phi the tide went out so significantly that I was running around the entire bay, on the sea floor that we’d been swimming in just an hour earlier. Couldn’t help thinking – how darn cool is that!

On Koh Tao I ran up hills, along the roads, up path ways and was rewarded by stunning views and an incredible workout. Again I had that feeling that I was seeing a lot of things I may have missed if I wasn’t running.

I suppose what I’m getting at is – why not pack a pair of running shoes on your next trip and if you’re not a runner just give it a try – you’ll be surprised at what you may discover – just sayin’
p.s. the two things that are missing for me here are Martha and Mrs. McSweeney!

Some of my running tracks of late!

West Railay Beach to Tonsai Beach

Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

Klong Khong Beach, Koh Lanta Yai

Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi

miles added
around the curve –


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