Photo of the Day – Early Morning Trek to Shark Point, Long Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

We unanimously decided that we wanted to do a boat trip while on Phi Phi. We’d heard from fellow travellers that you could go out and swim with sharks so while we were ‘shopping’ around for a trip we made inquiries.

Unfortunately the trip wouldn’t facilitate other tours that we wanted and when we went to one agent the ‘nice’ lady there (who asked if we’d adopt her!) told us that there isn’t a guarantee that we’d see sharks but if we were willing to get up before sunrise and walk for about 30 – 40 minutes to Shark Point we may be lucky enough to go right in off the beach and snorkel with them.

We were all game for that so booked the Maya Bay tour and planned to get up at the crack of dawn the following day. It was super fun walking through the back streets of Tonsai to get over to Long Beach because many of the people we passed had yet to go to bed! The walk got tricky as we headed toward the shore and the tide was still a little high making the climb slippery – we hadn’t been able to find the path but in the end it looped up and we made it to what we assumed was the place.

The girls went in first and saw a couple of black tipped sharks – much to Tiah’s absolute delight, but as I joined them she scratched her knee on coral and was nervous about the bleeding – for obvious reasons, so swam back and sat with Tony on the beach. Never-the-less it was a beautiful beach, we’d had a fabulous walk, we’d seen the sunrise and the girls could claim they’d swam with sharks.

orange bathes the morning
two black tips graze the water –
sunrise swim


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