To Travel Through South-East Asia You’ve Got To Be In Shape – Just Sayin’

One thing I have learned, and learned quickly over the past weeks, is that you have to be in pretty good shape to travel through Thailand with backpacks in tow.

Between climbing over boats with all our luggage, to get to the one we need to be on, scrambling over rocks to beach hop, doing anything physical in the heat and walking on incredibly uneven ground (the sidewalks!) I realize it’s not for the feint of heart – and that’s just to get around! If you want to see any of the sights be prepared to need some stamina.

It has struck me so many times as I puff my way up steps, clamour up cliffs, squeeze through caves, walk with my backpack how grateful I am that I can still do it.

The backpacking part I had been prepared for but the physical exertion to see all we’ve seen I hadn’t really thought about but now realize how much I would have missed out on had I not been physically fit – just sayin’

unmarked paths
steep climbs –
catching the travel bug


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