Fire Show at Slinky Bar, Tonsai Village, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand – A must See! – Just Sayin’

I’m sure that for those of you that have travelled anywhere with a tropical beach you have probably seen and been entertained by a fire show. I have, quite a few times, actually, but the show at The Slinky Bar on Koh Phi Phi was hands down the most entertaining, quite simply the best I have ever seen.

The crew started setting up late afternoon and judging by the amount of chairs they put out and the amount of prep it took to set up, it was obvious that they were expecting a crowd – which indeed is what they got. I quite enjoyed watching the guys prep for the show. They were obviously having fun as they prepared their ‘fire sticks’ ready for the evening. It was kind of neat how they used huge bales of batting and pulled threads off, wrapping it around the ends of the sticks.

The show starts around 8:30 pm every night and it is chock-a-block with tricks, thrills and fire. And the crowds do come out.

There’s not much else to say – you sort of have to see it to believe what these boys can do with fire – and boys they are – well young men at best. The best way I can describe the show is Justin Bieber playing with fire. All the moves are choreographed to billboard hits and all the moves are pretty amazing before you add in the fire. It is a lazer show, a dance show and a fire show all rolled into one and it is LOUD and PUMPIN’.

One of the many things that struck me was how much fun these guys were having. They obviously love what they’re doing and they obviously love doing it together as a crew.

The tricks vary from more of a dance routine with fireballs to duelling fire sticks where two of the performers throw the sticks as high into the air as possible in the hopes that the other partner catches it – which invariably they do.

There are all kinds of tricks in between with all kinds of different ‘instruments’ glowing with fire. These boys are not afraid to get burnt as they roll fire over their bare chests – oh yeah I forgot to mention this is a shirtless show!

The grand finale is a daring walk across a makeshift tightrope. When the star of this particular trick reaches the center of the rope he puts on another incredible show of tossing, twirling and eating (yes eating fire!).

If you ever find yourself on Koh Phi Phi you really must go and see this show – just sayin’

sparks flying
into a full crowd –
lighting the night sky


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