Monkey Mansion, Khao Sok, Thailand – The Ultimate in Glamping

Before we had ventured on our trip we’d all agreed we’d like to stay in as many different types of accommodation as possible. Everything from beach shacks to tree houses, bungalows to five-star (not sure the budget will stretch to five-star but we’ll do everything in between!)

We had booked Monkey Mansion through and had chosen it because a. it was cheap and we’d just spent a ton of money on a hotel room in Phuket. b. it was close to The National Park, which was our big adventure and c. we loved the name.

The drive from Phuket to Khao Sok was pretty rough – windy and hilly and our driver fancied himself as a Mario Andretti. We were glad just to arrive in Khao Sok and the incredible welcome was an added bonus.

Owners Bastien, and his partner, were wonderful and greeted us with warm smiles and lots of information before leading us to our bungalow or should I say jungalow. At Monkey Mansion they have coined this cute phrase to name their rooms.

We had booked the family jungalow, which meant we would all be together. It was the absolute ultimate in glamping.

Glamping has become an endearing term for glamorous camping. It’s camping with all the amenities. the structure is already set complete with bed and in our case electricity and running water. Glamping has become a very popular way of travelling for those wanting hotel-style accommodations while experiencing the escapism and adventure of camping.

Throughout our trip we have encountered several different glamping-styles. In Railay we had our hilltop hut. In Koh Tao we had our Swiss Chalet-style bungalow. On Koh Phi Phi we had a bungalow that was moulded from bamboo but our Khao Sok jungalow was definitely the prize of glamping.

We were delighted when Bastien opened the double doors of our new home. There was a queen-size bed and two singles all neatly made, complete with mosquito nets at the ready. It was like walking into a barn with polished floors and cute adornments.

There were gaps everywhere between the wood slat walls and between the roof and the walls but it was beautiful as the sunlight could, and was, trickling in.

The bathroom is what’s known as an indoor/outdoor. It was a couple of steps down from the main room and though it had four walls there were open spaces along the top – pretty clever for ventilation purposes.

Monkey Mansion was definitely the ultimate in glamping. It had everything we needed including a Romeo and Juliette balcony and large front porch, electricity and yes – even, a little spotty at times, yet, still wifi!

everything dripping
from rainforest heat –
glamping in the jungle


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