Phuket, Thailand – Short and Sweet

Our time on Phuket was short and sweet – only 2 days, which didn’t give us a lot of time to see much but we still managed to have a few highlights.

The pool at the hotel was one of them. It was absolutely gorgeous and with temperatures soaring in the high 30s it was the ideal place to spend the day. And in fact that’s what we did. We parked ourselves there just after breakfast and stayed until dusk – reading, writing, swimming and lazing – the perfect day.

The other highlight was our walk along the boardwalk at Patong Beach. We had landed at Phuket with a vague idea of the beach we wanted to stay on but it is high season and so many places were full. Phuket, itself, seemed really big, built up and overwhelming compared to the small islands we had been on. We immediately decided to only stay 2 nights and our only criteria was the pool. The next thing you know we were booked into the Patong Lodge Hotel

Walking along Patong Beach I felt like it was probably akin to Venice Beach – I have never been to Venice Beach but somehow the image I have is what Patong looks like – presumptuous, I know!

There is a gorgeous stretch of beach but it is jam-packed with umbrellas and tourists. Along the backside of the beach runs a boardwalk – again jam-packed with people and vendors but it was really fun to walk at night because of all the lights, life and noise.

We stopped and had a drink at a restaurant that was home to a surf wave – I have no idea how to explain this but it was a kind of like a wave pool built into the wall of the restaurant. the whole idea was to have a surf-wave simulation. While we were there we were entertained by would-be surfers who had paid 1000 Baht ($38 Canadian) to learn how to surf – it was pretty cool – I’d never seen surf-simulation before but I bet it’ll be everywhere in a couple of years.

We walked home along the water’s edge, which is always a treat and looking back this is where we said goodbye to the ocean for a few weeks!

I did have a great run along the same stretch early the next morning and was lucky enough to find some sand dollars so as much as I don’t feel the need to return to Phuket I do feel we made the most of our short time.

small white discs
tatoo of a starfish
sand dollars along the beach


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