Bangkok and The Bossotel Hotel Revisited, Bangkok, Thailand

When we arrived in Bangkok on March 8th it was our second time flying into the city and our second time staying at the Bossotel Hotel. Difference with this visit was we had 2 extra days and did a whole bunch of sight-seeing.

There is no doubt Bangkok is a crazy city. From towering buildings, to glittering sights, crowded streets, bulging sidewalks, insane traffic, noise pollution, smell pollution, it is truly senses overload. Take it for what it is, but I say Bangkok is definitely a city worth visiting.

We stayed at The Bossotel Hotel again, not only because we knew it and in a city like Bangkok it was good bang for the buck, but also we had had such a good experience the first time around that it was worth going back.

The rooms were pretty standard, but a fabulous breakfast buffet was included and the outdoor pool on the 4th floor was a wonderful place to hang out in the heat of the day, and it made an equally welcome oasis to enjoy a cocktail as the sun was going down over the city.

We had 2 and a half days to enjoy the city before heading to Chiang Mai on the overnight train. Our days were filled between scooping up Maddi, visiting Khao San Road, The Grand Palace, The Emerald Buddha, Chatuchak Weekend Market, taking a riverboat ride to sight see and most importantly reuniting and visiting with, my cousin Alison, whom I have not seen since I emigrated from the UK 35 years ago.

city of sights
filling senses
a city on overload


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