Photo of the Day – The Sky Bar, Lebua Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

It’s beginning to seem like some of the attractions we planned to go to have been key locations in several different movies. Sky Bar, on the top of The Lebua Hotel in Bangkok fits nicely into this category as it was where some of the scenes in Hangover 2 were filmed.

At one point I was going to get dolled up and go with Abigayle and Maddi – again just to say I did – but by the time they were ready to go out it was close to midnight and my carriage had turned back into a pumpkin and I’d lost both my crystal flip-flops! Still, when I saw the photos the next day, I was quite envious and felt that I should add something about it on the blog so if you ever find yourself in Bangkok you’ll know it’s well worth the visit to Sky Bar.

According to some, Sky Bar is the best rooftop bar in Bangkok. It is suspended on a precipice over the city 820 feet in the air – arguably one of the highest rooftop bars in the world. And what the girls loved were the cocktails (shame they are holding a beer inthe photograph!). Again it is rumoured that the cocktails are some of the most innovative with their simple garnish of a popsicle – for me it’ll have to be a next time.

pretty drinks
in pretty glasses
perched in the sky


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