Lesson of the Day – When in Bangkok Travel Like a Local not a Tourist

We learnt this quite quickly, with a little help from my cousin!

On our first day of sight-seeing we discovered the river and the river boats. It is a fantastic way to travel in Bangkok. First of all it avoids all the road traffic congestion and secondly it’s fun. It’s actually a great way to see the city. The boats move at quite a clip so be prepared to get splashed every once in a while.

We really enjoyed seeing the sights from a completely different perspective but what we hadn’t realized, when we paid 100 Baht each, was we were paying tourist prices as opposed to the local prices which would be akin to travelling on public transit – Alison pointed this out to us so the next day when we went out we took the commuter boat, squashed in like sardines, stood and swayed with the flow but only paid 16 Baht!

We also discovered the Sky Train – also fun and also a great way to avoid traffic. Just as it sounds the train travels along tracks suspended above the city. Again it was fun to cover a lot of ground and see the city from yet another angle.

We somehow managed to muddle our way through, even if it did cause a few giggles from the sweet and helpful Thai customer service reps.

Really the lesson is if you ask lots of questions, muddle through and are not afraid to try, you can travel through a city like Bangkok on the cheap – just avoid the taxis if you want to get somewhere quickly!

many ways to see a city


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