Lesson of the Day – Don’t Take The Orange Juice When You Get On The Train…

…it’s not free!

We boarded the train to Chang Mai with lots of time to spare, but even before we’d taken off our backpacks, and found our correct seats, an attendant was smiling away while offering us orange juice. We didn’t know any better so we just took it, thinking it was a complimentary welcome drink.

It seemed like such a lovely gesture but sadly the juice was nowhere near as tasty as it looked, and the cups were HUGE, and when we didn’t drink them we had nowhere to put them.

We even tried enhancing the flavour with a little bottle we happened to have with us, but that only helped finish one of the five cups – not sure why I’m calling them cups, they weren’t cups, they were beakers, beakers is much more accurate.

In the end we left our unfinished drinks wedged between the backpacks so they wouldn’t spill (in retrospect I guess we could have poured them down the sink!)

I know this doesn’t sound like much but it’s horrible to waste things and even worse to get a bill for them! What we hadn’t realized was the orange juice wasn’t a complimentary welcome drink. It was a-you-have-to-pay-for-it-in-the-morning-when-you-get-the-bill drink. 500 Baht, none-the-less, more than what we’d pay for something we did order.

The lesson of the day – don’t drink the Kool aid! – no seriously, don’t take anything from anyone without asking how much first.

tempting treat –
don’t bite
into the apple


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