Photo of the Day – Doi Suthep Temple

This was a me, Maddi and Abigayle trip. Tony and Tiah took a pass to have some father/daughter time and plan our next fun activity together, so it was just the three of us that set off to see the Temple.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, or as it is more commonly known, Doi Suthep (although that’s the name of the mountain where it’s located) is 15 km from the city of Chiang Mai. It is considered a sacred site by most Thais and the original temple was supposedly founded in 1383.

At one point we were going to get a drive to the base of the ‘mountain’ and then walk from there. Thank goodness we didn’t. To start with we had no idea it was a MOUNTAIN (until we got there). Secondly there was really no safe way to walk along the roads which were hairpin bends and steep inclines and thirdly it was 40 degrees of beating down sun and we were wearing temple clothes! Once we did reach the top – in the car, we figured it would have been a 3 hour plus hike.

The car dropped us off at the steps of Doi Suthep – 309 to the temple entrance. We wander around outside the temple limits for a bit as there is a small sort of village, which is quite quaint in a Thai-sort of way – a row of little stalls selling everything from food to sarongs, to use as cover-ups for the Temple. But when we did do it, the walk up the steps is quite majestic with its gold and jewel-encrusted handrail.

It was a super hot afternoon, the ground scorching beneath our feet every time we had to take our shoes off (when entering the sacred parts of the buildings you remove your shoes out of respect)

It was a shame that the extreme heat cast a slight haze while looking over the city. Many come to Doi Suthep because of its incredible view of the city. Mind you, haze and all, we really did get the feeling of how high up we were and certainly it was a wonderful sight to see Chiang Mai sprawled below.

high above the city
jewels blink –
home of a temple


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