Photo of the Day – The Grand Canyon, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This was one of Abigayle’s picks and if you’d asked me before we went what it was, beyond saying a water-type park, I couldn’t have told you. It was certainly nothing like I would have guessed.

We spent a perfectly lazy, carefree afternoon at the Grand Canyon, which as it turns out is a quarry which has been turned into an 85 feet deep swimming hole.

On one side there is a water park/obstacle course, which was a bit makeshift and looked closed when we went, so we stayed on the ‘swimming pool’ side. It is a fabulous spot for swimming, jumping in off the cliffs, or lounging on bamboo rafts that have been secured in the water by giant ropes.

We enjoyed the sun, a snack and the chance to laze in a completely unexpected setting. Only problem was, we stayed right until closing. All the buses had left, we had no wifi to get an uber, and we very nearly couldn’t get a taxi. The manager came to the rescue and kindly phoned a friend of hers to drive us back to the city. The upside of waiting was enjoying the sunset 🙂

red clay cliffs
surrounding clear waters
afternoon oasis on a sizzling day


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