Photo of the Day – The Night Safari, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This was Tiah’s treat, her pick, but we all equally enjoyed it.

The Night Safari is about 25 minutes outside Chiang Mai’s old city gates. A driver picked us up and did all the necessary paperwork, including a detailed map of what to see and in which order to see it. We never did establish if the Safari was open during the day, but judging by the crowds the attraction really is a must see at night. The biggest attraction being – The Predators!

It’s hard to pick a favourite part, despite my “I-could-take-it-or-leave-it” feeling before going I did enjoy everything about it.

We started with the show – hands down the porcupines were the cutest and then it was on to our first of two tram rides (open-air safari-style tram that travels through the grounds). It’s pretty cool that you are doing it in the dark – it was extra cool that it appeared to be a full moon the night we did it – very beautiful and eery.

Of course the lions and tigers weren’t just poking around, they were in secure compounds, but there were lots of smaller animals, such as warthogs, zebras, deer, all kinds of birds, all waiting to be fed. For a small price you could buy bananas and carrots.

My favourite was the first ride because there were giraffes and a. I love giraffes! b. they are so gentle when they push their long necks into the tram and c. I fed one!

After the shows and the tram rides we had just enough time to walk through the grounds, which are quite stunning in their own right. And though it was dark, everything was beautifully lit. Once again, this was a completely new experience as none of us had been to a safari at night before. There is a slight spooky element – I’m not going to lie – especially when you hear the lions growling through the dark!

under a full moon
where predators prowl
we walk quietly


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