Photo of the Day – The Bamboo Bridge (Boon Ko Ku So Bridge), Pai, Northern Thailand

Ko Ku So, the name of the bridge means the ‘Bridge of Merit’. It runs through the length of rice paddy fields and was originally built as a short cut for the monks to walk to the village. It’s a beautiful and peaceful walk, with the mountains in the background and water buffalo in the fields.

At the start of the bridge there is a donation box, to help with upkeep, and if you do make a donation and walk the bridge you are promised the blessing of good luck – hope it’s true!

At the end of the bridge there was a small cluster of shacks. In one of them a local lady was giving samples of homemade chips. Out front she had a huge table that was a drying rack for garlic chips. We tried all she had to offer and settled on buying a bag of puffy pumpkin chips, which were delicious.

miles of bamboo
a lucky bridge
leading somewhere


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