From Pai to Chiang Rai – Northern Thailand

This was a long journey that involved going back to Chiang Mai, to change buses, before carrying on to Chiang Rai. At one point we wondered if we should have done our travels to Chiang Rai as a day trip from Chiang Mai, after all our only goal was to see The White Temple.

As logical as that would have been, I’m glad we didn’t do it that way. We were only in Chiang Rai for two days, but if we hadn’t stayed over we wouldn’t have been to the night market, which was truly so much fun.

We had discovered the market on our first night in town but it was on our second night that we experienced it. The big draw being the food, not the merchandise.

We had agreed that we would all do our own thing and so each roamed around filling our plates with whatever we fancied from the array of yummy food.

All the stalls were set up around the perimeter of the market square with the center being set with tables and chairs, cafeteria style.

I don’t mind saying that we all PIGGED out. I’m sure we all had at least two main courses each. Besides, Abigayle treated us to a keg of beer, which just added to the fun!

We stayed in a sweet guest house, not dissimilar from the one we had stayed at in Chiang Mai. It was close to everything and easy for us to get a tuk-tuk for our Temple visit on the second day.

In truth we needed the extra day to make our next set of travel plans as we prepared to say “goodbye Thailand, hello Vietnam”.

finding more
than shining jewels –
unexpected treasure


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