You Can Look Like a Millionaire in Vietnam – Just Sayin’

As soon as we arrived at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City we exchanged $20 US into Vietnamese Dong (VND) The currency, like the traffic is crazy! The confusion of so many zeros makes spending money tricky as it’s hard to translate back into our currency how much you are spending (at least it’s hard when you are on the spot at the cash trying to figure it out!)

$20 US is equivalent to 453,800.00 VND. $1 US equals 22,690.00 – see it’s tricky huh? Mind you it meant you had a huge wad of cash in your pocket at any given time and that’s always fun right?

The Vietnamese Dong is the world’s highest denominated currency – not to be confused with the world’s highest-value note. To be specific it is actually the 500,000 dong note that is the world’s highest denominated banknote. It’s only worth US but think about it, if you have just two 500,000 dong notes, you are a dong millionaire – just sayin!

folded bills
thick in pocket
feeling like a millionaire


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