Two Days in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Just as the title says, we had two days in Ho Chi Minh City – two full, glorious days that involved a lot of walking around the city core, eating some delicious food including a late lunch of Pho at an ‘alley-side’ cafe, scrumptious oven-baked pizza and of course, our favourite, fantastic Indian food. And along with this we carved out time to visit The War Remnants Museum, which was enriching, educational and thought-provoking. We did lots of people watching. Perfected the art of jay-walking and I had one of my most memorable aerobic classes of all time, in the park with a group of Vietnamese women – unexpected and soooooooooo much fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Ho Chi Minh. I loved the vibe of the city, the craziness of the traffic, the heat, the noise all of it. I think the history of the city also added a layer to the passion you can feel for a city – obviously thinking about what Saigon must have been like in the seventies, which truly isn’t that long ago, adds an element of intrigue and wonder to the place.

Our hotel (Hotel Le Le) was in the centre of District 1, which is the core of the city. We overlooked a central park and only needed to stand on our tiny Romeo and Juliette balcony to get a whiff of the action.

Yet above everything, one of my favourite moments was something as simple as going out for a super late dinner at 11:30 pm.

It was a Thursday night and we wanted something light, somewhere in the hub of the action and we were hoping we wouldn’t need to cross the road! Surprisingly it was fairly easy to meet the criterias.

We walked around the corner from our hotel and then staying on the same side of the road we walked straight and within a minute we were into blaring music and thrumming lights.

It was good fortune that on the corner, before we needed to cross the street, was an Italian restaurant, complete with wood burning stove. Perfect pizzas and perfect for people watching. We were even treated to some impromptu street-side entertainment, when a young busker-type performed a brief act with fire. It wasn’t quite as impressive as some of the fire shows we’ve been privvy to but, he did eat fire and splashed a trail of flames on the busy road, right in the middle of traffic.

At one point in the evening – perhaps I should say night, I was thinking ‘how cool is this?’. It’s a Thursday night, we’re in Ho Chi Minh City and we’re eating dinner at midnight!

late at night
in a buzzing city
feeling cool


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