Photo of the Day – The Fairy Stream, Mui Ne, Vietnam

As mentioned in a previous post, The Fairy Stream was unexpectedly delightful. Next to the Sand Dunes it is up there as one of Mui Ne’s most popular attractions. When I say unexpected I mean we had no idea what to expect. We hadn’t done any research prior to our visit and none of the locals seemed to be able to explain exactly what the stream is, hence when we arrived it was a most pleasant surprise.

An ankle-deep stream runs through a valley, which is flanked by red sand and lush green foliage on either side. The first thing you do is take off your shoes so you can walk in the water. The stream bed is soft sand and the water is warm and clear – delightful!

At the beginning of the stream there are vendors, with stalls, right in the water but as you make your way further upstream the sand dunes stretch taller and the area becomes more and more like a fairy woodland.

We walked up the length of the stream hoping to see some fairies pop out of the fauna. We didn’t see any fairies but we did find what we are ‘calling’ a clump of four-leaf clovers!

finding magic
on a spring afternoon
four leaf clovers in a fairy stream


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