Hotels in Vietnam and Cambodia – They’ve Got it All – Just Sayin’

Seriously, travelling in both Vietnam and Cambodia puts a new spin on being able to travel light. I was both amazed, and amused, that everywhere we stayed in both these countries had a bathroom full of accessories to be used, enjoyed and if needed taken away.

During our weeks of travel in Vietnam and Cambodia, I loved that I could use a different toothbrush every couple of days – now I know this is incredibly frivolous and wasteful but I can’t tell you how skanky my own toothbrush had become ensconced in its cheap plastic holder that was supposed to protect it from germs! All I was doing was embracing what was being provided!

I found it doubly amusing that in a hotel where you can stay for, and pay for, as little as two hours, there was a complete vanity kit for the taking! – ha, maybe this is when you need it the most!

Anyway if you forget your toothbrush don’t worry no matter where you stay in Vietnam or Cambodia (oops I suppose I should clarify no matter which hotel) you can get a new one – just sayin’

complimentary gifts
in the most unlikely places –
travelling light


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