The Sticky Island Has Cast Her Web and Caught Us, Again

As we headed back to the south and Koh Tao I definitely had mixed feelings. I was excited to be going back to the ocean, to one of our favourite islands, but going back also meant that we were creeping toward the end of our time away.

From the onset of the trip we had decided that we would spend the last 10 – 14 days in one place. We had anticipated that after all the travelling we’d be ready to have a holiday!

The plan was we’d park ourselves by the ocean, Tony and I would write and Tiah could make sure she was caught up on school work. Essentially we were looking for some downtime.

After our first visit to Koh Tao it was always in the back of our minds that this would be where we would return to. At one point we had thought of changing the plan and visiting some of the Cambodian Islands but when you change the plan, things often don’t go according to plan.

As we began our journey back I couldn’t help being reminded of how Tim, the dive master, had said, Koh Tao was the sticky island. Koh Tao had spun a web and had once again caught us in her sticky grasp.

What I would end up loving the most about our return to Koh Tao, would be the ease and comfort that we would slip into daily routines. In many ways because we were familiar with the Island and because we felt safe and recognized familiar faces, the three of us were also able to go off and do our own thing, independent of one another.

Of course with the familiar faces came that feeling that we’d made some new friends and we soon found ourselves getting coffee from the same place, alternating dinners between 2 or 3 restaurants, getting our snacks and drinks from the same place, waving to the massage ladies and the cute sales clerk, who sold the best dresses on the Island!

It was everything we had hoped for 🙂

we want
found in a favourite place


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