We Were Ready to Build an Ark… Koh Tao, Thailand

The rain that had started fifteen minutes into our ferry ride lasted for 5 days straight. Of course there were intermittent breaks, but the breaks were simply lighter sprinkles of rain, not sun, not even a whiff of sun, not even a freckle. In fact in those lighter moments the sky just travelled through every shade of grey, stopping before it reached blue.

Koh Tao is considered quite unique as it boasts a 10 month high season with three main weather-types – the dry season from December – February, the hot season from March – August and the rainy season from September – November. Needless to say the torrential rain left everyone surprised and a little shell-shocked.

There were a lot of tourists wandering around looking for things to do. The visibility was so poor but the dive boats were still going out and from what I heard the diving was not affected.

Despite Koh Tao being known for its diving, not everyone is there to dive, luckily there are lots of other activities to keep one busy and amused. Besides all the wonderful restaurants, there’s Thai cooking classes, Thai Muay boxing classes, yoga. Or if you’re looking to relax and pamper yourself there are lots of fabulous massage places that offer not only Thai massage but all kinds of spa activities. Long and the short, rain or no rain – Koh Tao is a great place to be.

We had arrived around 7 pm and had managed to remember the shortcut well enough to stumble through the rain, washed out paths and make it over to Sairee Beach. Though we were unable to book online we headed to the Sairee Cottages in the hopes that they would have a room. We’d had a bee in our bonnet about staying at the cottages since our first visit to the Island.

Sairee Cottages is essentially a complex, which caters primarily to divers and offers accommodation at every possible rate. The property is gorgeous, immaculately kept with its beautiful foliage, awesome pool and small private beach with sunbeds for Sairee customers only. The staff, especially the front desk, were super helpful and friendly and we were thankful, grateful and all those good things, to get a place for the night.

There were not many vacancies and the bungalow we stayed in was very standard. It was lovely but absolutely nothing outstanding about it, and certainly not worth paying the extra money – it was a little more expensive than what we wanted or needed to pay.

Tony was also insightful enough to notice that the porch was not completely covered, which would have been a problem had we stayed during all the rain. That night at dinner we weighed up the pros and cons of staying and in the end we only spent the one night. I am so glad that we had at least one night there, as it had been something we’d wanted to do so there would be no room for longing or what ifs – we’d done it, we’d decided and after coffee the next morning we were settling back in at Island View Spa.

Island View Spa was where we had stayed on our first visit and though the bungalows are a little crumbly and tired-looking it was like going back to the old neighbourhood. Best part was we had a fabulous porch where we spent literally hours! In a way the rains worked in our favour as Tony and I spent our time making up stories and Tiah caught up on school work.

spring rains
the sky
a grey sheet


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