All Good Things Must Come To An End…

… which, of course, is true of every trip.

We’ve been home for a few weeks now, and it’s time to say goodbye to this particular adventure and this particular blog.

Thank you for following our journey, I do hope you have enjoyed reading about our travels and that you perhaps have been inspired to take on a few of your own – both big and small.

Since being home the most frequently asked question has been, “What was your favourite part?” At first I found this hard to answer because I had loved everything we had seen, done and experienced, but now that we’ve been home for a little while, and I’ve had time to reflect, I think I have an answer.

Overriding everything we did was how much I enjoyed being together and travelling as a family. If you recall my first blog entry (or if you don’t or you haven’t read it, for that matter – go back and take a peek) you’ll remember, or be reminded, that I sincerely wondered if we were absolutely crazy to embark on such a journey with two of our daughters (one of whom is firmly planted in teenagedom and the other fresh out of it). I did have serious thoughts that we would drive one another completely and utterly mad!

As it turns out we didn’t all go bonkers. Obviously there were isolated moments, and times, especially if things weren’t going according to plan, or if the girls were bickering, but strangely (or not) this was more frequent in our early days of travel as we adjusted to our new way of being. Of course, looking back, these moments are so inconsequential compared to the memories made, the times shared and the closeness we had.

Now, in the wake of our trip, I feel such gratitude for what we shared and experienced. Making decisions and plans together, talking, laughing, getting to really know one another away from day to day reality – all of it.

If I think in terms of favourite activities I cannot separate one single one from the others, but rather I am still amazed at how everywhere we visited had its own unique flavour and vibe. I loved how each place was so distinctly different from the last and that each offered its own fantastic experience.

For my last post, on this blog, for now, I decided it was most fitting to sum up the trip in a quick list of the first thought that popped into my head from each place – perhaps this exercise in itself highlights my favourites!

Tiah aptly pointed out that we travelled to 1 continent, 3 countries and 17 places. When I think of each this is my first thought, or in some cases thoughts:-

1. Bangkok (the first time) – roof top pool
2. Koh Samet – running from bay to bay
3. Koh Samui – sunset at the sand bar, La Coppola
4. Koh Tao (the first time) – diving, view point at Koh Nang Yuan
5. Railay – cliffs, sea kayaking, lagoon, caves, Rapala Resort
6. Koh Lanta – hot, lazy and collecting shells
7. Krabi Town – The Tiger Temple Cave
8. Koh Phi Phi – Shark Bay snorkelling, The Fire Show, Maya Bay
9. Phuket – Patong Lodge pool
10. Khoa Sak – Monkey Mansion Jungalows
11. Bangkok (round #2) – Alison, travelling on the river
12. Chiang Mai – the night train, elephant sanctuary, cooking
13. Pai – the hot springs, the night market
14. Chiang Rai – The White Temple
15. Ho Chi Minh City – aerobics in the park, dinner at midnight
16. Mui ne – The Sand Dunes, The Fairy Stream, shells
17. Phnom Penh – The Killing Fields
18. Siem Reap – Angkor Wat
19. Koh Tao (round #2) – Tanote Bay, The Fire Boys, Mexican food

It was an extraordinary time, and now, until next time “Goodnight Moon”

on adventure –
waiting for the next one

p.s. stay tuned for the photo gallery – coming soon to a screen near you!


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