The main pages of this blog are essentially a travel diary as my family and I begin to experience our incredible adventure through Southeast Asia. As we embark on our travels, there will be much to learn, on so many levels, and I hope you will enjoy sharing the journey.

Hopefully the bits and bobs posted will offer some light reading to entertain and, if nothing more, will allow you to follow along and perhaps share, albeit vicariously, some of our escapades.

Posts are categorized as “Lesson” or “Photo of the Day” and are tagged, so if you’re interested in seeing posts with poems or nattering about food, use the tags.

The blog name is a dedication to my mother, Margaret Atkinson (August 10th,1930 – January 12th,2017)and her amazing sister and lifelong best friend, Dorothy Thraves. About a month ago my cousin reminded me about something my Aunt had shared with my mum. When my family and I immigrated to Canada my mother was reluctant to move but, her sister, my Aunty Dorothy smoothed the transition by saying that,”if you look at the moon and I look at the moon we will always be connected doing something together.”

And so I leave this with you – “even though we may be miles apart, if you look up and I look up, in that moment, we will be together, under the same moon”.