Lesson of the Day

Lesson of the Day – On Being Adventurous with Food

I vow the first night not to order Pad Thai everywhere we go, so I try something different right off the baht (pun intended and dedicated to Abigayle who has become the Queen of Puns!) I glance at the menu my eyes rest on the first delicious-looking picture and I order ‘Prawns with Stink Beans’. I have no idea what stink beans are (should probably have guessed) but willing to try anything once I order away.

Alas, when the meal arrives, looking quite delicious I must say, I can’t try it because it’s covered in sprinkles of pork (this was not mentioned in the title or apparent in the picture!)

Our waiter is incredibly apologetic, and, after many attemprs at placating I think he got the gist that it wasn’t his fault. I further make him feel better by ordering a second meal, which 100% does not mention meat and has a bold picture of fish, thus aptly called, ‘Sour Yellow Curry with Fish’.

By this point in the meal everyone else has finished eating and we laugh as it becomes the first of many meals where we eat at separate times (food for four never arrives at the same time!)

For fear of upsetting our waiter further I do mybest to eat some of what indeed was sour, and despite the option of ‘no spice’ was way spicier than I  can usually tolerate. I ploughed through as much as I could, even eating something that ressembled a raw potato (not sure I’ll ever know what it really was!)

The lesson I learned today – make sure there is no meat, no meat, no meat – clarify to the enth degree, even when it’s not in the picture or the title! Make sure, no spicy, no spicy, no spicy – Thai mild is our HOT! and when it says sour it means sour! Oh and just as a side note the girls ate my ‘Prawns with Stink Beans’ and apparently stink beans are vile and taste like rotten lime rind!

sour under tongue

pepper seed on lips

heat spreads inside my mouth